130,000 m²

Total m² built, including: Main factory and Distribution Center Vila Rica, in São Sebastião do Caí/RS, Eldorado do Sul/RS, Pelotas/RS, Orizona/GO and Luziânia/GO.  

Over 2,300 employees

Preserving flavor and the quality of the food is Oderich’s greatest commitment; for this purpose, it relies on a technical staff, which together with the other employees, produces the most complete line of meat, vegetable and fruit preserves, sauces, pickles, tomato products and mayonnaise in Brazil.

2,000 families

Over 2,000 farming families are part of Oderich’s productive chain. With the assistance of a dedicated technical staff, they grow fruits, legumes and fresh vegetables with the characteristics required by the industry.

100,000 tons

Its annual production capacity is over 100,000 tons of food or 300 million units, with food safety certified and attested by International Bureaus and its own laboratories.

"Empreendimento Financiado pela Finep - Financiadora de Inovação e Pesquisa"

Para continuar inovando, trazendo novos lançamento e melhorando nosso processo produtivo, contamos com o importante apoio do FINEP.