Social and Environmental Practices


Oderich has implemented the Environmental Management System and maintains a technical staff that reports directly to the board, acting in all areas of the company and interacting with the community and authorities in general. This technical staff is responsible for: maintenance of legal documentation, implementation of environmental policies, selective collection, Dialog programs and cleaner production - “Oderich Project – A story of responsibility”, WTS – Water Treatment Station, ETS – Effluent Treatment Station, SWSP – Solid Waste Sorting Plant and SWMP – Solid Waste Management Plan.

Selective Collection

Is one of the basic principles for the implementation of environmental awareness.  Oderich performs the selective collection of waste in all company sectors. The waste is collected and separated into: recyclable, disposable and animal feed. After they are separated, they are correctly disposed.

Dialog Program

The dialogs are published every two weeks. They cover specific issues in the environmental area with the purpose of emphasizing the environmental policy, raise awareness and encourage participation of the entire company.

Environmental Education Project

The Company has a specific classroom for the Environmental Education Project - “Oderich – A story of responsibility”, through which the participants are introduced to the company’s environmental actions and challenged to become transforming agents with a critical view. The program is aimed at elementary schools in the region, but also for other interested people in the area. It covers subjects such as the selective collection of waste, proper disposal of the waste and reducing the waste of natural resources. A booklet is also distributed that helps teachers with classroom activities.

WTS (Water Treatment Station)

Drinking water is obtained from the Water Treatment Station, which is necessary for the company’s operations and consumption, within ANVISA’s required standards.

ETS (Effluent Treatment Station)

In the Effluent Treatment Stations all liquid effluents area treated in conformity with the standards required by the environmental legislation.

SWMP (Solid Waste Management Plan)

The Solid Waste Management Plan covers the procedures and responsibilities for the collection, separation, classification, temporary storage in the project area, the environmentally suitable transportation, allocation and final disposal of the solid waste generated, aiming to comply with the requirements provided by Federal Law No. 12.305, of August 2 of 2012 (National Solid Waste Policy – NSWP) and other standards, meet the applicable legal requirements.