Facilitate the preservation and preparation of food with safety and versatility.


To be recognized as a flexible and versatile company, and a reference in domestic and foreign markets of differentiated preserved food products, ensuring the cost benefit ratio and sustainable development.


- Promote a healthy and pleasant working environment in which employees receive fair wages, training, personal and professional fulfillment.

- Establish long-term partnerships, through quality, with its customers, suppliers and partners, becoming a competitive reference in the market.

- Conduct operations with financial solidity and liquidity, aiming to ensure the results and financial return to shareholders, providing new investments.

- Interact, in an intense and constructive manner, with the community and being recognized as a company committed to the environment, society and local economy.


Our Quality and Environmental Policy:

Conservas Oderich S.A. is a 100% Brazilian food company that operates in the domestic and foreign markets and is constantly pursuing harmony between quality preserve products and sustainability. Being founded on its values and focused on the expectations of customers, shareholders, employees, representatives, partners, communities and the society, and develops its mission aiming at results that add value to the parties involved.
To make this possible, Conservas Oderich S.A., represented by its Industrial Director, Claudio Oderich, formally states its quality and environmental commitments:


1 – Act ethically and responsibly in our activities, guaranteeing the legality of the food produced;
2 – Produce quality and safe foods from a hygienic-sanitary point of view, protecting the health and integrity of consumers;
3 – Act proactively, guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the products sold;
4 – Meet the legal and customer specifications, aiming at the constant improvement of its processes and products;
5 – Encourage support to suppliers and customers in the adoption of standards recommended by the legislation, meeting Food Safety requirements.



1 – Act ethically and responsibility in all of our activities, properly managing air emissions, the use of water, the disposal of effluents, as well as the final disposal of waste;
2 – Have excellence as the management standard seeking the control, pollution prevention and constant improvement, recognizing people as agents of this evolution;
3 – Meet all legal requirements and others subscribed by the company;
4 – Meet stakeholder requirements in order to meet their needs and thus, promote their satisfaction;
5 – Transcend its environmental actions for society through the Environmental Education project – “Oderich – A story of responsibilities”;
6 – Produce quality foods that are in equilibrium with the environment.